Who are we and why we created this tool

We are a group of members consisting of 5 members who love to play with programming code. We have put our great efforts to develop some of quite interesting application that are available online to download for free. Our team is mainly concerned to test online applications and find any glitch if there present any issue with the application.

This time we are here with Swagbucks hack tool which can add large amount of coins with little effort from your side. While debugging swagbucks server we were able to find the glitch on how they confirms if a user did successful survey. Manipulating users link with unique access token was not easy but we finally come to end with good success.

The release of this swagbucks hack tool is freeware. Use this tool as many time as you like without any payment. If someone asked you for payment to use this tool then ask them for refund. We are committed to make this tool even better so we will be providing continuous update to this online tool until the glitch is working on their website. We are still searching for other glitch if that is present on their site which will serve as a backup in case this release stopped working.

Though the tool is on beta version till now we haven’t encounter any issues but we don’t say this is bug free. We are always welcoming any suggestion from your side. Use this tool and if you got any issue using this tool then you can always contact us. If there is any suggestion that you want to send us then go find the contact us page and send it to us. We are always welcoming the suggestions and feed backs. We take suggestions seriously and try to change our tool accordingly. We might come back to you with personal response as well so please legit email with contact us form.